We have successfully launched Golden Sparrow mobile application. Please Click here to download and install it on your android phone. Stay connected for further updates. White Paper Phase 2 coming soon.

I am Golden Sparrow!

Join me and together we will reach the sky.

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Contract :- 0x0Ea01f670EdeC2c30f8E5f082C30C847359Df95E

White Paper Phase 1 Mobile Application


The Birth of Golden Sparrow!

The Birth of Golden Sparrow, world's most trusted and secure meme coin. Golden Sparrow has learned lessons from all meme coins in the crypto market. A new crypto currency has been created by fans of legit meme community. Golden Sparrow is a de-centralized coin and plans to evolve into a crypto with more functionality in the market. Golden Sparrow's primary utility is building an awesome meme community to spread awareness of protection of birds which are endangered.


Golden Sparrow token is made for the community and its team sees transparency as a necessary tool for growth of any community token. Most of other tokens have lost public trust due to lack of transparency, but golden sparrow is the first crystal clear token in crypto world.

Road Map

Phase 1

  • Concept Born
  • Website Launch
  • Token Development
  • Telegram Launch
  • Twitter Handle Created

Phase 2

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Listing on Coin Market Cap
  • Launching Campaign on Twitter for saving birds
  • 4000 Genuine Holders

Phase 3

  • Awareness Program by Community
  • Marketing Push
  • NFT Launch
  • 20,000 Genuine Holders

Phase 4

  • CEX Listing by Community because developer has not extra holding
  • Charity for saving the birds
  • Crypto awareness programm on Youtube
  • 50,000 Genuine Holders

Phase 5

  • More CEX Listing
  • 100,000 Genuine Holders
  • 100,000 Telegram Member
  • Massive Marketing


Total Supply1,000,000,000,000
Burn - Initial Burn87.60%
Public - Locked in Liquidity for 3 years10%
Team - Distributed in team locked for 5 years1.2%
Marketing and Development1.2%


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